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AR Environmental Services, Inc. began in 1999, basically to serve the needs of two large clients. For these two clients, hundreds of sites have been remediated to site specific clean up goals, to Maximum Concentration Levels (MCL), some as low as 1 ppb for Perchlorethene, Trichloroethene, Vinyl Chloride and Benzene. Others simply to contaminant concentrations protective of human health and the environment (risk based). Clean up of a site to those standards that are protective as well as cost-effective is our goal.

About Us

Our Business

We are not married to bioremediation, but find that it is the best polishing step, especially when site specific clean up goals are low. The first 90-95% of contaminant removal is relatively easy. Our philosophy is that there is no one sure fire method for remediation and that one must be willing to learn from site operations and make changes to improve efficacy. There is no one solution or a full proof method. As site conditions change your approach must also change.

We do not sell products, we sell services. All our products are not stand alone, you get service as well. This assures that they are not missused or that the client is not left standing.

Who We Are

The CEO of AR Environmental Services, Inc. is Hugh H. Russell, Ph.D. Dr. Russell over thirty years experience in remediation, with numerous publications. Dr. Russell worked for the USEPA and was a member of the Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Laboratory Superfund Support Team. The team was responsible for technical assistance in regard to remediation of hazardous waste sites and technology transfer.

Dr. Russell has developed the methods to enhance remediation of contaminants and the abiotic/biotic method for chrome remediation through OCAST.

Our work ranges from simple document review to full scale work in regard to reclamation of hazardous waste sites. We have all the equipment (pumps, compressors, hoses as examples) necessary to perform field activities. We also partner with larger environmental firms across the world so location of a site is not a problem.

Our goal is to solve your problem.

Our Work

For further information please contact us. Our goal is to clean up your site and have you as a valued customer.

Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents

Experience with both abiotic and biotic methods for remediation. Over the years, a nutrient mixture has been developed that works extremely well at initiating the reductive dechlorination process and sustaining it until clean up goals have been met. We are most proud of being able to meet a clean up goal of 1 pbb Perchloroethene, Trichloroethene and Vinyl Chloride. We are currently working on three chlorinated solvents sites and have closed sites in Texas, Oregon, Missouri and New Jersey.

Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Vast experience with the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in soils and groundwater. We have closed sites in New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Idaho, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, California, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and West Virginia. Many of these sites by meeting a 5 ppb standard for BTEX and three by meeting a 1 ppb standard for benzene.

Remediation of Hexavalent Chrome

We have successfully treated Chrome 6 concentrations as high as 9600 ppm using a combination abiotic/biotic method. The reduction of Chrome 6 to Chrome 3 is a viable method for treatment, as Chrome 3 is less toxic and less mobile than Chrome 6. This method has proven to result in the total chrome concentration in monitoring wells being less than 1 ppm. This method also works well for mixed plumes, chlorinated solvents and hexavalent chrome.


Reductive Decholorination Nutrients

Nutrients developed over 30 years of experience in the reductive dechlorination of chlorinated solvents. Specifically designed to "kick" off the process and then to assure the process is sustained. All products are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA and are food grade.

Benzene Degradation Nutrients

Oxygenase inducer for the degradation of benzene. Through the need to develop a process to meet a clean up standard of 1 ppb for benzene, we came up with a compound that induces the enzymes necessary to degrade benzene. Additionally, this compound serves as a carbon and energy source, assuring that the microbial population is active and removes benzene. It has been successfully used on a number of sites for reducing benzene concentrations to as low as 1 ppb.

Hexavalent Chrome Remediation Nutrients

Through a grant from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science (OCAST) we developed the first combination abiotic/biotic treatment process for the remediation of Hexavalent chrome. The nutrients both reduce and serve as a carbon and energy source for the reduction of Chrome 6 to Chrome 3. The nutrients are stable in the environment and once Chrome 6 is reduced to Chrome 3 it is stable under ambinet aquifer conditions. Works well for mixed plumes (chlorinated solvents and Hexavalent chrome).

Other Services


A natural GRAS surfactant for bioremediation projects that 1), acts to desorb contaminants from aquifer or soil solids into the aqueous phase for treatment, 2), acts as a natural de-foaming agent, and 3) serves as a long term donor for reductive dechlorination projects (the surfactant, in addition to being food grade, will serve as a long term carbon and energy source for biologically mediated reductive dechlorination).


A stronger surfactant employed for use as a degreaser and for vapor damping.


Uses the same surfactant as BioBlue, but contains natural microbial inhibitors to stop the growth of hydrogen sulfide producing and other "smelly" bacteria. For use in wastewater systems where a degreaser, is needed in addition to minor microbial control.


Dr. Russell has vast experience in the review of remedial systems for remediation. Reviewing documents from site characterization to final reports, in regard to content and efficacy of site remediation.


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